Monday, September 1, 2014

Friendships Forged with Time

I like 2 of the definitions of the New Webster's Dictionary, one says to form by heating or hammering, and the other says to move forward slowly = Forge.

Friendships are so special to me. Some friends I've known since I was knee-high, others for the past few years, and yet others I've met with in the past year. Each friend is special, and each friendship is different, but a common is that no matter how long I've known them, they've been forged with time. When I read about heating and hammering, my thoughts immediately flew to Proverbs 27:17.

Proverbs 27:17 (ESV)
Iron sharpens iron,
    and one man sharpens another.

How true! My one friend and I constantly keep each other on our toes. She knows how to tell me truthfully what's best, and I do the same for her. We keep each other sharp, and focused. By doing so, our friendship has been forged, sharpened, and grown. In fact for my birthday, she gave me a plaque that says: 

"Friendship is like sunshine. It keeps us warm and helps us grow."

The definition of friend (according to the New Webster's Dictionary) is a person known and well liked by another. My personal definition of a friend is someone who appreciates you for who you are; who will stand by you, and you for them; never leaving for frivolous things; and who is always honest with you.

Recently, I noticed another friend was online, so I messaged him to find out how he was, as I hadn't heard much from him. To be honest, at the time, I was bone-tired, yet when he said he was exhausted, it gave me a boost. Though I was exhausted, I was able to show empathy. I have a quote I keep in my Bible that says it best:

"You need people to hold you up emotionally and encourage you. By doing this, you will be strengthened, and they will be strengthened."

 I have a friend, who compared to my first-mentioned friend, I haven't known as long. She's battled many health problems, yet is always ready to pray for you, even if she needs prayer more. She has unknowingly showed me the verse below in tangible ways.

Philippians 2:4 (ESV)
Let each of you look not only to his own interests, 
but also to the interests of others.

Many many friendships have been forged and strengthened. Each one is special because each one has been forged in different ways. In order to have a deep and meaningful friendship, you need to invest in others. Find out how they are doing, what they've been up to, and how you can pray for them. This goes both ways. You also need to be open about what is going on in your life, things you are struggling with, etc. Quite often my friends have struggled with something similar, so they are able to reach out to for pray and comfort me, and I for them. Friendships are very important to me, and as they are forged, strengthened, and withstand the passing of time, then I know I have special friendships indeed!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Science Saturday: Cattails, Mouring Doves and Cardinals!

(Last week's Science Saturday)

My fun story about cattails:
I had a cattail head once, and I got the brilliant idea to open it up in the house! Sigh....that resulted in a rush outside as the fuzz was trying to float around the house....never did that again! ;~) I did get everything out of the house, but the yard had a lot of cattail fuzz for a while! ;~D

A few fun facts:

  • Cattails are perennials! They live for several years, and may appear to be dead, but are actually in a dormancy over winter.
  • Cattails are edible throughout every season of their life. In the spring you can eat the shoots like celery, and in the late summer before the heads open to release the fluff, you can boil them and eat them like corn. (We tried this, but I think they were getting too old, so they didn't taste the best).
  • Even the roots are useful! You can use them for soups or dry them to ground into flour!
  • Mourning Doves are named after their mournful "song" they sing.
  • Once a Mourning Dove has found it's mate, they are mates for life. In the north they have 2 broods over the course of a summer. In the south they may have up to 5 broods!
  • Mourning Doves eat what ever seeds they can find, and in the fall they enjoy the grain and corn kernels left in the fields.
  • Cardinals are originally from the south. Slowly around the turn of the 20th century, they've drifted north. At the time, they were certain that the snow and harsh cold climate in the winter would stop them, but as you can see they haven't!
  •  Cardinals don't migrate, which is why we can see them all year round. A bright red cardinal on a winter day is such a cheery sight!
  • Cardinals weren't the only ones to slowly "drift" north. The Tufted Titmouse, the Mockingbird, and the Carolina Wren have also joined the Cardinals.

Science Saturday: Slugs, Skunks, and Indian Pipes!

(A skunk we accidentally trapped....we were aiming for woodchucks)

A few interesting things!

  • Slugs are not snails and they are not leeches. They look the same from a distance, but in reality they aren't even close to being the same!
  • A Slug's body is all one piece. They do not have segments. They are part of the Gastropoda family, which means "stomach-foot."
  • Slugs aren't too much trouble. Usually. We did have one eat our watermelon before, but that's the first time we've had that happen. They tend to enjoy eating the wild plants.
  • Skunks are among the top animals hit by cars. Most often they are hit around February during mating season.
  • Skunks are best known for their scent glands which are used as a weapon against predators. They can spray them up to 10ft away, temporarily blinding the predator. The smell and the pain prevent them from getting eaten.
  • Skunks are opportunistic carnivores. They like anything that they don't have to chase too much. They enjoy insects, birds, mice, turtle eggs, toads, and frogs. Occasionally they will help themselves to carrion. (Which is why they often become carrion ;~D )
  • Indian Pipe is a flowering plant. The flower hangs like a bell from the top of the stem, which makes it look like a pipe!
  • It doesn't feel like a flower, but more like a mushroom. Interestingly enough, you can not transplant it.
  • It lacks chlorophyll, so it can't manufacture it's own food. Instead it obtains food from the roots of nearby trees. The Indian Pipe absorbs food from it's towering friends, and grows quite happily.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Throwback Tuesday: Eleanor Roosevelt

There is so much to say about this amazing lady! I think this can say it best! 

She was a truly remarkable woman! 

The giving of love is an education in itself.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Shoot!

So on our way home from Church, T-Tot, and Lil' G decided to play Rock, Paper, Scissors: Shoot!

As I was listening to them, I thought of the possibilities the game would have should it be played with the process of elimination.

Say if one person chooses rock, and another, scissors. The scissors would be broken, and out of the game. Then the paper and rock would be left, and paper would win because the rock would be covered. Now if the scissors go against paper first, then the paper would be cut up and the rock would win as it would be able to smash the scissors. But, if rock and paper went first, then the rock would be removed, allowing the scissors to chop the paper back up, and win!

Now if you actually read that nonsensical rambling, I'll be very surprised! ;~D

Friday, August 22, 2014

I'm guest-posting!

I'm guest-posting over at  Eden's Evaluations! I encourage you to read this lovely young lady's blog as it's a lot fun! :~D

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Flippity-Flop Room Arrangement!

So when I first moved from the big room to the small room, my bed was against the window. It was that way for a while, while I shared the room with T-Tot. Then she and Lil' G shared the big room, and I got the little one all to myself. I didn't mind! It was nice and cozy to have a room of my own! We moved my bed against the wall until L-Jo moved into the room with me! She loved being in the room with me! But we had to move my bed back against the window. When we moved her to the other room last year, she was upset for weeks! T-Bug and I now share a room. My bed was still next to the window....which after forever and a day was getting rather boring. So I got out the tape measure and did the math and rearranged my room!


After :~)

I rather like it! :~D

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Temptation of Time

Time.What a temptation it is to waste it! I bought a watch the other day. I absolutely love wearing it! The shiny gold watch with a sleek brown leather band, is memorizing as you watch the seconds tick by. While I currently write this on paper to transfer to my blog later, there is a strong temptation to waste time and energy. I'd really like to chat with a friend online, but between thoughts on wasting time, I'm doing laundry (a way I can use my time better!). Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 tells about time. How there is a time and place for everything. With this watch I've discovered how fast time ticks away...

...a second lost here, a second lost there. The school season is upon me. My time is being filled with many blessings. School, my job, sisters, housework, and more! I could waste it on frivolous things or I could use it wisely. Is chatting with a friend, frivolous? No! On the contrary! Chatting with a friend deepens the bond of your friendship. So why did I choose to sort laundry? Because there is a time for everything. And the time right now would best be spend doing laundry! Use your time wisely so you don't succumb to the temptation of wasting it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Throwback Tuesday: Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon)

I absolutely LOVE the Get Smart tv series from the late 60's! The guy who played Maxwell Smart Secret Agent 86, shares the same birthday as I do! And 99 is one of the best characters ever! Sweet, silly, sarcastic, sassy, and special! :~D

Maxwell Smart: [reads message from the secret compartment in the Chiefs desk] In case anything happens to me, contact my superior: Zebra 642. We're gonna have to look this up in the Chief's special codebooks
# 99: [pushes button to reveal the codebooks behind fake books on bookshelf] Zebra, that's the blue book.
Maxwell Smart: [Carlton reaches for the blue book] The blue book is the one with the green cover.
Carlson: Since when does a blue book have a green cover?
# 99: Max worked it out with the coding section. In case of a KAOS infiltrator every book has a cover identity.
Maxwell Smart: You see we have a cover for a cover.
Carlson: [reading from the book] It says: see green book.
Maxwell Smart: The green book is the one with the blue cover.
# 99: Max couldn't throw away a perfectly good book cover. 

(A perfect quote for my picture....I took the cover of a Bible dictionary for the shot ;~)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Homeschooler's "Rap"!

 Today marks the 2nd anniversary of this lovely blog, Home On The Erie Canal!

As tradition, I have a fun Homeschooling post!

The very first post on this blog was a post about 4 Myths About Homeschooling!
Last year I wrote a post about 100 Things Homeschoolers Love!

This year, (drumroll please!), I present the Homeschooler's "Rap"!

(email readers may need to view the video on the website)

Pencils sharpened,
Textbooks bought,
Clean Pajamas,
And hand-me-down socks!

Snazzy Saxon,
It's time for the Mystery
Of History!

Composition notebooks,
Geometry tools,
McGuffey Readers,
With golden rules!

Vinegar, baking soda,
for a volcano.
Barometer, thermometer,
For the snow!

Good job stickers,
Smiley face stamps,
Song time now,
Let's all clap our hands!

Paperclips, staplers,
Elmer's Glue,
Cooking, cleaning,
For Home Ec too!

School is done at
Work and play,
We do it on the weekends
And on every day!

Time for a field trip
in the car!
Will we discuss amphibians?
Or the stars?

First, Second,
Third and Fourth,
In these grades we learn
South and North!

Fifth, Sixth,
Seventh and Eighth,
You learn to trust
And walk by Faith!

Ninth, Tenth,
Eleventh, and Twelve
You memorize the Dewey system
And how to shelve!

Being homeschooled
Is the best thing in the world,
No matter if your hair is
Straight or curled!

If you're homeschooled,
Won't you agree,
Being homeschooled is,
The best thing you can be!