Monday, August 22, 2016

Take a Moment

Take a moment....

Calm your heart before the Lord.

Enjoy His beautiful creations!

And take a moment to rest....

Friday, August 19, 2016

Vacaaaaaaaaaaaation! Beautiful Blessings - 8/19/16

Vacaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaation! Squee!!! I can hardly wait! I'm soooooooo looking forward to it! Well, mostly. John leaves on Sunday for college for eons and eons (aka, the semester) and we leave for camping tomorrow. On the bright side, I'm excited to have a chance to wear clothes that AREN'T work clothes, yet when I packed, I couldn't remember how to! XD I'm an interesting conundrum ;) 

~ friends to talk to....and yell at....laugh with....cry to....and whatever emotional state I'm in
~ smiley face wars with said friends
~ packing up books to read, and activities to enjoy that I've been wanting to do!
~ happily enjoying the fact I've had my blog for 4 years, and haven't given up on it yet!
~ looking forward to seeing what adventures happen the next couple weeks....I can use some fun relaxing adventures! (if those two ideas go together lol!)

Now that I've rambled, I'm off to go pack some more....whoop-de-doo! lol!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Homeschoolers: The Reality - The 4th Blog-iversary of my Blog! {and 1000th post!}

Every year, on my blog, I write a post on homeschoolers/homeschooling to celebrate the momentous occasion! The first post on my blog, discussed the 4 Myths of Homeschooling! The following year, to celebrate my first blog-iversary, I wrote a post about 100 Things Homeschoolers Love! The next year, for my second blog-iversary, I made a video called The Homeschooler's "Rap"! Last year, for my third blog-iversary, I wrote a post discussing 10 Series Homeschoolers Read

This year, I've collaborated with John, his sister, and my sisters to create a special movie for you!

Without further ado. I present Homeschoolers: The Reality!

After you've enjoyed it, be sure to check out the Bloopers!

{Email readers may want to click through to the blog!}

999th post - and how many followers?

According to Blogger, I have officially 18 followers...yet I know there are much more than that!!! So, to celebrate my blog-iversary today, I'd like to have a post asking y'all to do me a favor! I've been quite curious about this for a while, and today seemed like a good day to do it! 

If you've read my blog for any length of time, I'd love to get a comment from you! I know I have many people local from Church, etc., that read it, but then I also know I have many people from around the country who read it as well! That being said, leave me a comment!
  • How did you find my blog?
  • What do you enjoy to read about?
  • State you're from? 
  • How long have you read it?
  • Etc!
Thank you for reading my blog for the past 4 years!! I can't wait to see what will happen this coming year!! 

And again, thank you!!

Beautiful Blessings - 8/17/16

~ having my blog for 4 years
~ seeing how it's evolved and changed in the past few years
~ excitedly looking forward to see what I do the next few years
~ enjoying all the guest posts I've had to celebrate
~ ways God has used it to bless others

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Expectations...a reflection on the First Summer of Dating

I basically began dating at the end of spring, beginning of summer; the quasi month of May. This past winter, John and I decided to write a bucket list of ideas just for fun of things we wanted to do this summer when we began dating! Well, as he heads back this weekend for college, I thought about the bucket list, and realized we didn't do much at all which made me rather sad. I pulled up today, and realized just how much we did do! To celebrate the end of my first summer of dating, I'm gonna see how many things we did on my list of 26 things! {Edited to add: One of them I realized was a winter-only thing, so 25 is sliiiiiightly more accurate!}

  1. Beaver Lake! - CHECK! We did this as our first date! We planned on it for foreveeeeeeeeeeeeer!
  2. Spending time together in prayer and God's word! - CHECK! We aim to do this every day over Skype! Skype is awesome by the way!
  3. Go through a devotional together! - Nope! Maybe next year!
  4. Movie nights at either one's house! - CHECK! Lots of movies at my house, and I saw Star Wars 7 (whatever it's called XD) at his!
  5. Dance together! - CHECK! We've attempted this XD It sorta worked
  6. Dance together under the moon! - CHECK! We actually managed to do this too! sorta worked but not really XD
  7. Picnic at John's camp! - CHECK! I went to his camp on July 2nd to celebrate the 4th of July!
  8. Picnic at Beaver Lake! - CHECK! Did this on the first and only date to Beaver Lake!
  9. Picnic at a park! - This gets 0.5 check mark because we did if you count either Beaver Lake or going to a park with a picnic with my family!
  10. Chimney Bluffs! - Nope! Maybe next year! 
  11. Spending a day at John's camp! - 0.5 if you count half a day for the 4th of July celebration!
  12. Read a book together! - Nope! Maybe next year!
  13. A Sunday drive! - CHECK! Just to the store probably, but we've gone for a ride on Sundays!!
  14. Teach John how to crochet! - Nope! XD Maybe next year ;)
  15. Get ice cream together! - CHECK! Did this a couple times!
  16. Get together with Heidi! - Nope! Maybe next year! <3 
  17. Hike the Canal trail! - Nope! Maybe next year!
  18. Share tea! - I'm gonna say 0.5 because we probably did XD
  19. Pick wildflowers! - Nope! Maybe next year!
  20. Dinner date on July 1st! - CHECK! XD we were both cranky, but we did it anyways! We dressed up and he gave me my first bouquet of flowers which I've hung to dry <3
  21. Fireworks! - CHECK! I love watching him enjoy fireworks! <3
  22. Sunrise/Sunset picnic - 0.5 because it sorta counts when we went to his camp!
  23. Lights on the Lake - well.........this is winter XD soooooo it's not included in this
  24. Date at Red Lobster - Nope! Maybe some other time!
  25. Date at Panera - CHECK! We went to Panera twice! Once to meet a friend, and then on the 1st for dinner because we changed our minds last minute.
  26. Date at Barnes and Noble to browse (and a place of John's choice afterwards!) - Nope! But we better do this next summer XD I love Barnes and Noble ;)
Soooooooooooooooo to tally it all up!

14 out of the 26 we accomplished! 
1 was impossible since it's not Christmas time XD
And that leaves 11!!!

Our most popular date that we had was going to Walmart! XD Don't question why, but we always had fun just window shopping or finding presents for people! Another one we did was to Wegmans (the picture below) which is the same genre. 

And lastly, the second most popular date we had this summer was play games and watching Star Trek together! <3

Beautiful Blessings - 8/16/16

(photo taken by my coworker)

~ the sound of pouring rain on the roof
~ coming out the front door at work to see a double rainbow - a much needed sign to have hope
~ the brilliant white of the cloud above me
~ the golden yellow sky behind me
~ seeing the day draw to a close in a fiery orange,

Beautiful Blessings - 8/15/16

~ eating swiss chard and thinking of my friend who is missing it right now

~ wishing I could be a kitty and live at the library

~ seeing beautiful pictures in a puddle

~ and seeing a completely different one from another angle

~ looking up to see rippled clouds in a blue sea

~ a sun dog - a tiny rainbow of hope

The 3rd Blog-iversary post!

Last year for my blog-iversary, I wrote a post highlighting 10 series of books every homeschooler (I've known) reads!

Without further ado:

Monday, August 15, 2016

Beautiful Blessings - 8/14/16

~ perfectly spaced coffee to get through a long day
~ a cat nap before work

~ a beautiful sunset on our way to the store

~ having a blast shopping together (John & I) while he got things for college next weekend
~ ending out visit with peanut butter sandwiches