Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Being Thankful No Matter What

My head hurts.
My reading glasses are bugging me.
My head hurts for the umpteenth time.
The slightest noise from the kids sounds like a tuba in my face.
Its kinda gloomy out.
I am tired.
And snappy.

I post things Im thankful for every day. 
Each blessing is a gift from God.
Sometimes its easy to say what Im thankful for when I have an amazing day.
But on days like this it is hard.

Especially when youre dealing with wet affectionate cats who decided to go out and play in the rain.
Or when the kids are playing together, and show you with great loud excitement, the worlds theyve created in their Polly Pocket Land.

And then you remember:

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
{1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 ESV}

I remember the other day, when I was walking from the library, I thought of everything wrong at the moment. 
Yet God reminded me of Philippains 4:11-13.
It was a timely reminder to be content, appreciative, grateful, and thankful for all God has done.

So back to the beginning of my post.

 My head hurts, yet I have medicine to take to help and heal it.
My reading glasses are bugging me, yet I can adjust them a little and read properly with them.
My head hurts for the umpteenth time, yet I have a warm cup of coffee to drink to help soothe it.
The slightest noise from the kids sounds like a tuba in my face, yet they arent arguing and they are keeping themselves contentedly entertained with their Polly Pockets.
Its kinda gloomy out, yet its finally raining and we need the rain desperately.
I am tired, yet I can rest on the porch with my blanket and coffee.
And snappy, yet I can choose to be gentler with my remarks.

God has blessed me, and you, and all of us for that matter!
We need to choose to be thankful, no matter what!

Beautiful Blessings - 9/28/15

~ Homemade Spaghetti O's...after waiting a long time for dinner to cook and it wasnt cooking, we made plan B! I never knew Spaghetti O's could taste so good!
~ Warding off a migraine until late last night!
~ Having fun getting L-Jo used to floating in the water with the life jacket without gripping on to me for dear life!
~ Pretending Lil' G was a poisonous eel and L-Jo was a shark!
~ Ending the night with a delicious orange scone from Panera from Mom and Dad! Mmmmmm I love their orange scones!

Beautiful Blessings - 9/27/15

~ A quiet Sunday afternoon nap!

~ A cream puff from Bingham's in Kingsley P.A.!

~ Seeing the lunar eclipse!

~ Watching T-Bug make a bed on the porch at 11pm after staying up late to watch the eclipse with us....though I dont think Id want to sleep next to Dad's shoes ;~)
~ Knowing my friends are all out watching the same beautiful eclipse!

(before the eclipse)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Beautiful Blessings - 9/26/15

~ Going to Pennsylvania for the day!

~ Teaching and watching my sisters play different games!

(dont ever play carpet ball against Lil' G and L-Jo!)

(trying to play air hockey with ping-pong paddles)


(XD my favorite method when playing ping-pong)

(waiting a turn at billiards)

(ballerinas thought alike when we saw one of the weight rooms)

~ Visiting with John for a couple hours and seeing the beautiful college!

~ Seeing the railroad bridge!!

(T-Tot and T-bug looking at a flower they found!)

~ Visiting Salt Springs Park in Montrose P.A.!

(a chipmunk T-bug and I spotted!)

(throwing rocks and making big splashes never grows old)

(L-Jo joined T-bug with this)

(the ham)

Twas a fun day in P.A.!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Beautiful Blessings - 9/25/15

~ 90 days till Christmas!!!
~ My crochet hook, Marco, and my scissors, Polo!

~ Over 70+ baby hats made to give away!
~ Exploring with colors!

~ Delicious homemade quiche! We havent had it in ages! Mmmmm!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Beautiful Blessings - 9/24/15

~ Twinsies with the Gillie!

~ Showing off the cute hat that Neona gave me!
~ Telling my employers how my Mom always thinks my hat is the cat, and making them laugh!
~ Having a quiet house to recover from a migraine!
~ Sully taking care of me and givin me some kitty lovin! He always knows who needs some!!! <3

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Beautifull Blessings - 9/23/15

~ Seeing God answer prayer!
~ Watching people enjoy the beautiful day with biking, fishing, walking, and spending time with their grandkids!
~ The fact its the first day of fall!!!
~ Sour Cream Glazed donut holes!
~ T-bug's excitement about being twinsies!

Beautiful Blessings - 9/22/15

~ The smell of warm fresh fall air!
~ The smell of cut grass!
~ The smell of homemade soup!

~ The smell of hot bread with butter!
~ The smell of bubbles!

Beautiful Blessings - 9/21/15

~ Cotton candy clouds!

~ The moon taking a cotton candy bath!

~ Watching the beautiful pink clouds change!

~ Seeing the vibrant colors!

~ Imagining all the places you could travel on such beautiful clouds!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Beautiful Blessings - 9/20/15

~ The simple joy found in riding a carousel!

~ Enjoying donuts and apple cider as is tradition!

~ And of course, enjoying cotton candy!
~ Saying goodbye to the Fall Festival until next year!
~ Mom graciously giving me her iced tea after mine spilled all over the ground! <3 Thanks Mom!

Beautiful Blessings - 8/19/15

~ Pausing with T-bug to listen to the rain! <3
~ Getting much needed rain!
~ Celebrating a marriage between a couple from our Church! And rejoicing over another marriage of someone we know!
~ T-Tot's excitement of riding a ride she has been wanting to ride!

~ Waching the other girls' delight!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Beautiful Blessings - 9/18/15

~ Blogging over at "Literally My Life"! I did a fashion post for Eden, which was a lot of fun! Go and check it out here!
~ Hanging out with 3 girlfriends and Mom at the Fall Festival!
~ Getting a bunch of books in the book tent!! Supports the library, too!
~ Finally being able to get another Lilla Rose Flexi Clip! I got the top one 2 years ago, and the bottom one I just got! Not to sound like Im advertising for them, but I just have to say: I love them!!!

~ Proverbs 3:5 <3

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Beautiful Blessings - 9/17/15

People...each person is special. Each talent they have is special. And you know, the world isnt so bad after all when you look at the people around ya, and see the good in them!

~ Seeing an older couple walk down the street, hand in hand!
~ Seeing a mother care for her crying baby! <3
~ Passing a Church as a choir is practicing!
~ Watching my Mom patiently care for my Great Grandma! <3
~ Seeing how even the smallest can help others! She helped me with the tablecloth!