Sunday, January 24, 2016

No One Told Me

No one told me I'd be sick for a year
and my love of dancing and singing would veer.
No one said that a daily migraine would be
something constant to keep sanity.
No one asked if I'd like to be sick
or if my tears would fall till my cheek was slick.
No one informed me that my fatigue
would feel like I'm constantly hiking a league.

No one questioned if I'd like this at all
but would you want to hang out this fall?
No one needed to ask me a thing
or tell me that this wasn't a one time fling.
No one let me know
that God would make me grow.
No one could tell me that my heart would break
and that some days I'd feel like a fake.
No one would say about the intimacy
I'd grow with God infinitely.

No one should ever get sick for a year
and let their favorite hobbies veer.
No one wants to have a migraine every day
yet I'd never ask God to not have His way.
No one knows that if it weren't for this
I wouldn't know letter writing bliss.
No one mentioned that this trial
would make me fight to find joy each mile.

No one explained each day I'm blessed with 
is truly a gift from God, (and that's not a myth).
No one comprehended how this would be
effective to my testimony and future ministry.
No one treasures sickness of such
yet I do as I have been strengthened so much.
No one may be able to say
Moriah lived joyfully each day.
Yet I pray that someone will say,
God worked on her faithfully each and every day!

Poem by Moriah Peters ~ Written the other day when pondering the past year as I've dealt with pneumonia, mono, and frequent migraines.

Photos by Josh Vanosdell ~ Hello, my name is Joshua Vanosdell. I'm just a beginner photographer. I was born and raised in Louisiana but now live in New Mexico. Thats where most of my pictures are taken now. It has been a culture change for me in New Mexico, but it has its perks. I've been living there now for 5 years and I just love it. If you want to check out more of my photography you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Google+.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Beautiful Blessings - 1/18/16

~ Breaking into Broadway in the kitchen with T-bug! <3 :~D
~ Going through clothes with Mom!
~ Finding new-to-me clothes!
~ Ending the night with Mr Darcy...we watched the second episode of the Colin Firth version....mmmm <3 lol
~ And enjoying a new coloring book from Daddy! Its a tropical themed one!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Beautiful Blessings - 1/17/16

~ Coloring to relax and destress this afternoon. I love how this turned out!
~  A grilled cheddar cheese sandwich which reminds me of Great Grandma because she loved cheddar cheese!
~ Peach passion tea! Another of Grandma's favorite things <3
~ Scripture convicting me on many a thing....
~ Seeing God work in my life...quietly but always working <3 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Beautiful Blessings - 1/12/16

~ Hungrily devouring a few chapters of "The Phantom of the Opera"!
~ Realizing how much I missed reading!
~ Catching up with many old friends today!
~ Seeing prayers answered in their lives!
~ Achy sore muscles from dance yesterday! Literally a pain, but they make me happy! God is good!!

1 Chronicles 16:34
Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
for his steadfast love endures forever!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend Blessings - Beautiful Blessings - 1/11/16

~ Buying a new pair of cute boots! Thanks Dad for buying them and letting me pay you back!! <3
~ Perfectly pulling off a plan to surprise John by joining him on his trip back to college!

~ Going back to dance tonight!! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A YEAR!!! (the first photo was taken on our way to dance) AHHHH it was soooooooo nice!!!!
~ Achy sore muscles all over from dancing...strangely wonderful!
~ Being on at the right place at the right time to encourage my friends through God's might <3 Its pretty amazing to see...Im really thankful when I can return the favors they do for me <3 :~)

Bonus Blessing:

~ Gaining a new friend (only had her as one for 11 days) and already being able to call each other sister! <3

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Beautiful Blessings - 1/7/16

~ Finishing the first chapter in my math book!
~ Having a bit of help from John with it!
~ Being surrounded and lifted up with prayer warriors who prayed for me today as I wasnt doing very well <3 So grateful for these young women!
~ Seeing the stars on this beautiful clear night!<3 I could even see my favorites, the Pleaides!
~ Feeling satisfied with my accomplishments and calling it a day!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Stuck Doing Math - Beautiful Blessings 1/6/16

Inwardly my insides are screaming that I am doing mind numbing business math when I have so much to do on my to-do list. But God has a purpose and if my purpose right now is to do business math, then thats what I will do!

~ Getting 2 more units done in chapter one of Buisness math!
~ Many cups of tea today!
~ Listening to amazing music at a mini concert at the Elbridge Library!
~ And mentally choreographing dances to the beautiful music!
~ Being sent these verses....thanks girlie!!! <3

"Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by 

name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I 

will be with you; through the rivers, they shall not

 overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not

 be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. For I am

 the LORD your God, the Holy One, Your Savior" 

Isaiah 43:1-4

No more Scrabble? Beautiful Blessings - 1/5/16

I wrote a post called "No More Scrabble" when my Great Grandma passed away... needs an update!

~ Playing Scrabble with John
~ Laughing so hard my stomach hurts and I cant breathe...havent done that in a long time!
~ Noticing for the first time that there is a rose and a cup of tea on the box...and smiling because it was Great Grandma's Scrabble game :~)

~ Teasing John that if he looked at my letters while I made some tea that Ansel would do him in

~ Using the time I set aside with an alarm on the kindle to pray <3

Monday, January 4, 2016

What I have been up to! And other Ramblings

I took a bit of an impromptu blogging break this month with life being so crazy! I was getting stressed out Saturday night so my friend Neona suggested that I journal to sort things out and destress myself. I then came up with the brilliant idea of using a journal T-Tot gave me to make myself a to-do list/day planner so I can mentally see everything I need to do.

It wasnt until I started working on this that I realized it wasnt Paris but Venice! And I have had it for a whole year lol

This is my verse for the year!

I split up everything into seasons!

I am also sprinkling in Bible verses just because! :~)

Its already been a huge help! And if you notice in the picture before this, blog is checked off....and you guys are the lucky ones to receive that checkmark!

The back of it has the note T-Tot left for me Christmas 2014, and the calendar for this year in case I need it! :~)

I shall resume Beautiful Blessings now that I have a journal to remind me about it. ;~) And someday Ill continue the hats...someday lol! We shall just wait and see!

Today's Beautiful Blessings:

~ A journal to keep myself sane!
~ Verses that mean a lot to me!
~ Seeing God's hand in many a thing recently!
~ And growing a bit stronger in my faith each day <3
~ Remembering the lovely Saturday I had this past weekend!