Wednesday, March 16, 2016

That Extra One

I just donated 101 baby hats! I made them over the course of fall/winter, and just got around to donating them. I was aiming for 100, but when I counted them up the other night, I only had 99. Logically, Id make another and we would have 100 to take to New Hope. After making another, I counted them up this morning, and discovered I had 102! Quite perpuzzled, I had Mom count them again and it was 101 (I trust her counting skills lol!). Oh well, I thought to myself, and put them in a couple cute bags. When I got there I gave them to the lady and told her there was 101, and how that came to be. She smiled and said simply,

"There must be a need for that extra one."

It got me thinking, God often does that. We have an extra pair of shoes, or extra money in our pocket, an extra cup of coffee, or maybe extra time...and God uses it for a reason! Embrace "that extra one"! :~)

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