Saturday, June 10, 2017

Juxtaposed June - day 10

Russian Spiced Tea, another tea from Naomi! The spices sounded particularly delicious today! 😊 It is also a good day for iced tea, so Dad started some.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love War and Peace! 😊 Which of course was written by Leo Tolstoy. The side of the box talks about him a little bit.

"What Tolstoy novel would be complete without a little tea?
In 1689 Russia and China signed a treaty making peace and defining their borders. Soon tea began to arrive in European Russia by camel caravan, traveling 11,000 miles from China. Usually taking 16 weeks, the larger caravans ranged from 200-300 camels. Outpaced by the opening of the Suez canal in 1869, with the completion of the Trans-Siberian Railroad in 1900 the camel caravans virtually disappeared overnight. Tea survived the revolutions of 1917, and is still a popular drink in Russia today."

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