Thursday, July 9, 2015

Beautiful Blessings - Thankfulness Series

(I am kinda stealing this idea from my Mom's blog, but hey, she won't mind ;~) Heehee!)

As I said, my poor blog is neglected, so I am going to start a new series to try and post nearly every day. Beautiful Blessings shall highlight points of my day, and what I am thankful for. So without further ado, what I am thankful for today!

My beautiful blessings of today:

~ The pencil contains unlimited combinations when you use your imagination!

 ~ Medicine and rest to kick a migraine.
~ Going 5 days since my last migraine, and going a whole week from the one before that.
~ Having a bright bubbly T-bug curl up with me, make me laugh, and give me hugs to make me feel better.

~ And lastly, listening to the water drip off the roof and trees outside!

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