Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Blog Neglect = Rambling Post

I stop doing a series and poof! I disappear from the face of the blogosphere. I'd start another series but I havent decided what yet ;~) I could bring back one of my old ones but I'm still not 100% yet so I'm not sure how consistant I'd be. Hmm....

I can always do one of those thinking, feeling, and so on posts! :~D

So without further ado!

Right now I'm...

...enjoying a spot of tea on the sunroom porch!

...wearing my fantabulous new apron which I'm madly in love with!

...happy because my hair is super curly today....gotta love humidity!

...looking forward to some delicious homemade bread with dinner tonight!

...gazing at the beautiful blue sky,

...and watching the wind blowthrough the trees!

...listening to the birds twitter, 

...a plane fly high overhead, 

...and the delightful sound of keyboard keys clacking!

...feeling the cool air from the overhead fan!

...thinking about how my friends are doing,

...and praying for them!

...marveling at how big my sisters are getting!

...thanking God for Lil' G's cast for her arm!

...reminiscing about going to CYIA camp for 4 years in a row!

...being absolutely silly with my friend(s)!

...seeing birds flit about,

...along with a few butterflies!

...hoping the lovely weather lasts all of today!

...remembering I forgot to take my vitamins! (oops! lol!)

...taking my vitamins!

...laughing at this rather random blog post!

...wiggling my feet,

...and tootsies!

...wishing I felt up to reading!

...wondering who is going to read this allllll the way to end!! lol!!!

(a random post needs a random picture lol! this is a couple months old but hey! it works, right???? lol!!)

So voila!! My life in a nutshell! XD

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