Friday, June 17, 2016

Guess who graduated??

Phew! I have graduated!! 

12 years in our house and 12 years of school!! I started this blog at the beginning of my high-school "career". It seems impossible that it was 4 years ago this August. I digress....

So now what?? Well, I plan on working for at least the next year! After that we will see where God takes me. No plans for college for now, which is alright with me. :~) I also plan to continue my letter ministry now that I have more time. I'm really excited about that!

All in all, God is good! The fact that school is behind me took a cloud off my head. Now I am finding time that was there before that I am now aware of for spending time growing closer to God, reading again, and anything else that comes my way!

*parties* ;~)