Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Power of a Story

The power of a story can be an incredible thing! Whether it's reading a book to a child, or sharing a story about "the olden days", a story can change your mood, or give you something to think about! Going back through history, you can see how the stories were passed down from generation to generation. Each had a purpose, or a moral to them. Some were about events that occurred; others about how to live the best you could be. The Bible was originally passed down through the spoken word, memorized carefully, and preserved through generations. The books rich with examples of how God calls us to live, work, and show His love, kept the Christian faith alive! 

Stories are a big part of the relationship between John and I! The first time we began to flirt was when I taught a story, and he copied me blatantly! (I should sue him! ;~) Haha!) Anyways, from the beginning, stories are a part of our relationship. We started sometime last year, telling each other stories about silly things or about what might happen someday when we serve God. One of my favorites was one he told about a bunny! They bring us a smile when one of us may be sad or bring us hope when we are discouraged. Sometimes they even remind us of how God always is faithful even during hard times!

Today I want to share a little story of my own, that happened today, two years ago! <3

Once upon a time was two people contentedly emailing back and forth. Those two people were actually John and I. I was working on a blog post, and asked his advice when the tables turned, and the following conversation ensued.

J: Hey moriah could you be praying for me i have some things that have been weighing on my mind heavily lately and im very on the fence on what to do. :-/

M: It is awesome! I certainly will be praying!!! :( God will show you what's right. He always does..... idk if it would help, but Psalm 13 came to mind :~) 

J: Did that seriously just come to you this moment!

M: Um yes....I memorized it this past spring, and it popped into my head! 

J: Thats crazy it. Its like perfect to answer my question i mean wow im kinda speechless right now.

M: Weren't we just saying how awesome and amazing God is?? :' ) 

J: Its just its what ive been asking God for. I think he may have finally granted me my request. I really cant believe it.

M: I'm so happy for you John! That's wonderful!!!

J: Yeah at least i think He is saying i can have what i asked for im still a bit nervous but i think its a yes?

M: I'm sure it will be clear soon, in due timing :~)

J: Thats what i said 5 years ago.... Its been a long battle. :-/

M: :( do you mind telling me about it or no?

J: Um i dont know if i should it isnt bad but i dont know give me a second to think.

M: I understand if you don't. :) 

J: Its so hard i want to tell you because i know you could help but i dont know what the reprucussions of that would be this has happened once before and it didnt go so well last time.

M: I trust you to use your discernment. :~)

J: Ok you what just whatever. Ok for the past few years ive been asking God for a girl one who would fit into his plan and that i could you know "date" for the next 4-5 years i tried and failed twice to interpret Gods plan and i felt like a complete failure for the longest time. And now i think He is beginning to reveal His plan to me after all these years. So yeah thats it.

M: Sometimes God uses trials like that for us to learn and grow. I'm very happy for you :~) 

J: Yeah you are right and ive been learning why its been this way over these years but still i just feel like this girl is going to just be another failure for me to carry with me and i dont know if she even likes be back its rediculous i just dont know and im afraid to say anything for fear of killing our friendship which happened before as well. I just feel stuck.

M: Ah I see...quick story.....last guy I liked I told him so. I was scared stiff from making the mistakes I've made in the past. He didn't feel the same way but he agreed to pray. While my friendship with him became more brother-sister, we both could clearly see God's answer because of our honesty with each other. Now I have an awesome "brother"....honesty is best.

J: Ok ok....well you said it honesty is best moriah i like you its you the one who God put in my yead out of no where ive prayed about it and now you know what im sick of just sitting around its not why ive been so nice to you but through us talking its just been in my head for a while. So there i said it and now you may reject me but please make it quick ive been waiting for closure on this for a while...

M: Oh John! I like you too! You know last week when we were talking?? That was the day I knew I'd never be more than a sister to my friend.

J: Wow im just completely blown away right now you have no idea i wish you could see my face right now. :-D

And they have lived happily ever after! Well, mostly! ;~) The end!

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