Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Train: How Love Works

A simple train, that runs on coal, is a great example of love. The more you toss coals into it, the farther the train will go. If you stop, the fire will die down. The coals will burn for a long time, but at some point will go out and need to be completely rebuilt. Therefore, if you continually put them onto fire, your fire will burn long and hot!

Love is the same way. If you continually work on your love and relationship, it will continue to burn, go farther, and grow. If you cease, then it burns down until you have to rebuild it.

I was mulling this principle over as John and I discovered we were in need of the coals to keep it going. When he came for a short visit, it was evident that when we get grumpy and miserable with each other, it was time to step back and reevaluate so we could add coals (prayer!) to keep us going. Sometimes it's not just prayer, sometimes it's going the extra mile.

I encourage you to think on the relationship you need to start adding the coals to. To keep friendships or relationships going, you must do this, (It's a simple recipe!):

- Love
- Coals
- A Dash of the Extra Mile

Praying for you! :~)

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