Monday, February 13, 2017

Confessions of a Bookworn

Yes, I have inhaled the musty aroma.
Yes, I have swooned over a book store.
Yes, I have read for hours on end.
Yes, I have let the stories rock my core.

Yes, I have longed for a shelf of the classics.
Yes, I use my birthday money to buy even ones that are dull.
Yes, I treat myself to adventure and fantasy.
Yes, I trudge through books I need to stop in to mull.

Yes, I enjoy every style, genre, and kind.
Yes, I feel the salty sea in the ocean pages.
Yes, I stop to smell the daffodils in a poem rhymed.
Yes, I feel the bitter cold while a war rages.

Yes, I rejoice when the characters do.
Yes, I feel the heartache when they lose a friend or two.
Yes, I am a bookworm, it's clear through and through.
Yes, I am a bookworm; now what about you?

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