Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How we (unfortunately) treat GOD

We live between a playground with lots of mulch and a box-elder tree. Because of this we constantly get box-elder bugs.

They are harmless bugs that stay in houses in the winter to hibernate. Usually they just sleep, but occasionally   they wake up and wander around the house.

My little sisters are TERRIFIED of the box-elder bugs. (In our house they came up with the name Hermit. Don't know where that name came from, but we call box-elder bugs "Hermit".)

This morning I was sitting in the dining room when I overheard my sisters' commotion over a Hermit sighting.

They screeched with horror. And got away from the bug and the object it was on immediately.

They were inspired to hunt for any lurking Hermits.

(These pictures are NOT staged)

They got out a flashlight and searched high and low all over the living room. Jumping at the sight of anything that could be a Hermit.

When ever a Hermit is around they have a few things they try.

  • Blowing on Hermit till he blows away.
  • "Trapping" Hermit in jewelry boxes or under play dishes. 
  • Running
  • Yelling for Help.
How often do we "blow away" and push away God?
How often do we "trap" God in the form of Church or Church related activities? 
How often do we "run" from God?
How often do we "yell for help" but not asking God for help?

As they were searching the living room with a flashlight I pondered these things. 

How often do we become a "Hermit" and hide from God? Terrified or just out of imbecility? 

I hate to admit, but we all, including myself do this more that we know. 

Unfortunately, this is how we treat our Heavenly Father.

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