Tuesday, February 10, 2015


(Posing next to the snowbank...I'm 5'8" for a comparison)

Heehee! We've got snow. We've got a lot of snow. In fact, I shoveled at least 320 cubic feet of snow yesterday. I must say, it was quite pleasant. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I love shoveling. It astounds a few of my friends, which I find quite funny. I chatted a bit with my neighbor while I shoveled and he shoveled. He asked if my Dad was out driving home from work at the time, and I said that he was. My neighbor reminded me how awful that stretch of road has been. In fact, my family and I drove on it the other day when we went to the Saranac Lake Ice Festival this past weekend. God was with us on the way home. The weather was icky and the roads were slick, but God kept us safe and we made it home! It continues to amaze me how God takes care of us in so many different ways. As I continued to shovel, I paused to watch the sparrows. We have quite a few that live in the ivy of our house. I will admit, I stood there whistling to them. It was so peaceful just listening to them chirp and chatter among themselves. My neighbor commented on the fact that they must stay warm from the insulation of the ivy. About 20 minutes later, Matthew 6:26 came to mind. Shoveling was tough as this snow was hard and heavy, but I persevered and did it! It was interesting to watch my neighbors interact. My one neighbor came home, and couldn't even get in his driveway. So my other neighbor who I had been talking to, let him park in his driveway until they could shovel and plow it. Shoveling is hard, it requires a lot of energy, but in the end, it's worth it. You get to clear away shovel-fulls of snowflakes, each unique, each are like a sparkling crystal, each imperfectly perfect, and each created by God. Watching the dusk fall, and the night arrive, was beautiful! It was cold to start off, but by the end, I was warm and toasty from working. Snow is so beautiful, and so enjoyable. I love winter and everything about it! Enjoy winter, for it is a beautiful time of year!


  1. Looks like quite the snow bank! You must have done a *lot* of shoveling! We've had to do our share here in Iowa as well. Love your expression in the last photo!

    1. Yes, I have! Heehee! I'm not sure what I was thinking for the last picture ;~)