Thursday, April 23, 2015

Snow! In April!

Awhile back, my friend and I were talking, and I lamented the fact I haven't been able to enjoy the snow. So I was delighted when I awoke to this!

My one friend's response to the snow was this: You know, I have a reason to believe that Moriah is the one who prayed for today's snow ;) lol

Another said: 



And still another said: I wouldn't doubt it lol

I will be truthful and admit I wasn't praying for the snow, but I'm excited it's here!

Ahhh squee!!! I love snow!!!

Snowflakes on the lilac buds that are beginning to bloom!

Snow in the pine trees....mmm!

Artsy Snow

Collage of Artsy Snow

Ahhh isn't snow beautiful!?!

Water droplets on the violet!

Ahhhhhh what a lovely day!! :~D I love snow!!! And spring!!!

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