Monday, September 28, 2015

Beautiful Blessings - 9/26/15

~ Going to Pennsylvania for the day!

~ Teaching and watching my sisters play different games!

(dont ever play carpet ball against Lil' G and L-Jo!)

(trying to play air hockey with ping-pong paddles)


(XD my favorite method when playing ping-pong)

(waiting a turn at billiards)

(ballerinas thought alike when we saw one of the weight rooms)

~ Visiting with John for a couple hours and seeing the beautiful college!

~ Seeing the railroad bridge!!

(T-Tot and T-bug looking at a flower they found!)

~ Visiting Salt Springs Park in Montrose P.A.!

(a chipmunk T-bug and I spotted!)

(throwing rocks and making big splashes never grows old)

(L-Jo joined T-bug with this)

(the ham)

Twas a fun day in P.A.!

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