Friday, September 4, 2015

Beautiful Blessings - 9/4/15

~ Seeing Gillie attack the yarn viciously and subsquently teasing her with it! ;~)

~ Seeing my sisters do things I never could do on the play ground! I never was one for crazy stunts on the playground. Heehee!! And then watching them use the seesaws! I never seesawed much as a kid since I was an only child back then ;~)


(Just Lil' G)

(L-Jo joins her)

(trying another seesaw)

(figuring out the best seat)

(T-Tot and T-Bug joined them)

(deciding which seat is best)

(happily seesawing!!)

~ Deciding the pine tree is all decorated for Christmas! Ornaments au naturel!
~ Lil' G requesting to watch "A Christmas Carol" with George C. Scott & enjoying some Christmas music!!!! (Denver and the Mile High Orchestra's Timeless Christmas!) Only 111 days till Christmas! :~D

~ Spotting the chickadees in the rose bush with Mom!

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