Tuesday, October 13, 2015

100 lbs of Apples and other Beautiful Blessings

~ Watching "The Wizard of Oz" with the girls. I love this movie <3 Its one of my absolute favorites <3
~ Realizing Lil' G is dressed like Dorothy

~ Picking apples from our tree!
~ Getting 100lbs or so of apples!
~ Having Heidi and her sis come over to help pick apples!

~ Seeing T-bug having fun with her Sunday School teacher...aka Heidi lol!
~ Going on a mini vacation to the Y to go swimming afterwards!
~ The girls being brave with ice skating and swimming!

~ Seeing how big T-bug is now <3 T-Tot wore that dress when she was little. 

~ Realizing that all the girls were wearing dresses from Aunt N! I love this one on L-Jo!

~ Being amazed by how big Lil' G is getting! She looks like a big girl!
~ Knowing I cant imagine life without my sisters <3

~ The fields being harvested!
~The beautiful fall leaves! <3
~ T-Tot getting compliments from an art teacher on her work! The lady told her that her paintings/pictures are better than some of the kids in her class.

~ T-bug's creativity for sleeping lol!!

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