Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Missing Hairbrush and other Beautiful Blessings!

#worstbloggeroftheyear ;~)

Anywho, since I have forgotten to post the past several days, here are some blessings!

~ Meeting up with my old dance teacher so I can begin strengthening myself for the dance year ahead!
~ T-Tot's surgery (last one!) for a mole went well!

~ The smell of fresh picked apples!
~ Taking a mini-vacation at Walmart! Aka......drooling over cookware and squeeing over CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Rejoicing that there are only 81 more days till Christmas!
~ Plotting Christmas presents!
~ Celebrating the fact it is October!
~ Squeeing over the beautiful colors on the trees!
~ Watching the kids use their imagination with their Color Clix! Here is a gun that they made!

and double motorcycles!

and, what I like to think of it as, "A Great Big Electric Whocarnio Flook" from "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!"

~ Crocheting 85 baby hats so far!
~ Fresh Apple Cider Donuts from Grandma and Grandpa!
~ A play tea set from our "adopted Grandma and Grandpa"!
~ Seeing "twinsies" again!

~ Having a long video call with a friend!
~ Having an unexpected 10-minute visit from a friend!!

(I had to have a picture for proof that she came over ;~) Heehee!)

Nearly forgot the one in the blog title!

~ A missing hairbrush! For then I had to use a comb on the kids' hair this morning which required me to slow down and be gentle as we were getting ready for Church this morning!

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