Monday, October 26, 2015

A Beautiful Blessed Week - 10/19/15-10/26/15

~ Snow!!!!!!!

~ A lovely chat over tea with myself, my Mom, and a lovely older woman!
~ Receiving delicious produce from her garden!
~ Knowing that the girls were having a blat the other day while pouring over the toy cars in the magazine....
~ ...and watching their excitement as they get to drive one!! They were so excited that our friend had one for/from her grandkids!

~ The beautiful view through the hills and valleys! The colors were magnificent! The picture doesnt do it justice!

~ Making more apple butter! (in the new crockpot! :~D yay!)

~ The similarities and difference in a project L-Jo and Lil' G for school!

~ Video calling with a friend I never video called with before!
~ The ability to pray together during it!
~ Catching a woodpecker at work!

~ Mom and Dad's Engagement Anniversary! 20 years! <3 (He proposed to her in a library with the ring inside a book, isnt that adorable?? <3)

~ A creative kitty made of pretzel's! L-Jo made it! :~)

~ T-bug's abstract!

~ Pretending an old box is the Magic School Bus!
~ Coconut Acorn Squash Soup! Mmmm....

~ Light reflecting off our carousel! <3

~ Fall colors surrounding our house!

~ Reflecting colors off the windshield!

~ Brilliant blue skies!
~ Morning sunlight in the fish tank!

~ Catching fishie shadows! Reminds me of Peter Pan ;~)

~ T-Tot wearing a dress I loved as a kid! Grandma made it for me!
~ T-Tot swiming the length of the competition pool and back with a few breaks! Still quite impressive considering she really couldnt swim at the beginning of the summer!

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