Wednesday, April 13, 2016

God's Goodness - Our Love Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl talking to a tree. Like all good stories, this one has a peculiar beginning. Where was I? Oh yes! The tree! I was talking to the tree! Now why was I talking to the tree? To put it plainly, I was practicing a bible lesson using the tree as an audience. Now, since I was rather obvious, standing at the edge of a parking lot talking to a tree, a guy noticed me.

Now, I had noticed this guy, but from the very first time I really took notice of him (despite I had met him the year before), I found him downright odd.

I mean, really people, why?! Doesn't this guy have a sense of what you should wear? Although, for all you Mitford fans, I'm sure he could give Ms. Rose Watson a run for her money! (Actually, he was just participating in a game). Anywho, this guy noticed me. Why did he notice me? Well to quote him, "Any girl who talks to trees is a girl I want to get to know."

So when he asked me, albeit nervously, for my email, I gladly gave it to him. However what I didn't know until now, was that he had already acquired it by devious means because he is a dork and a genius. I remembered I had his email from the previous so I emailed him first when I returned home from camp.

And so began our chatting over email. At first, I hated him, because I liked him, but I didn't know what on earth to do with him! I mean, what would *you* do with a guy who asked you for your email? I mean come on! Usually I was asking everyone else for theirs! Well, after a month of talking, I invited him to come see us dance at the State Fair. I was shocked when he said he would come! And then I got butterflies. Like, how on earth was I going to tell my Dad that there was a GUY coming to see me dance?! I did the most sensible thing I could do...

...I didn't say a word. Which of course didn't help with the butterflies and heat of the day. When the first show came and went, I waited in expectation for the second. Maybe he wouldn't come, maybe I wouldn't need to explain this to my Dad. Maybe...oops, he's here. Well, I guess I better run over and give him a hug. Oops, I tackled him. Oh well. Wait, now I need to introduce him to Dad. Oh, he said something. Hi John! Afterwards, I realized with horror that he spent $10 dollars on me (aka the price of the ticket to come to the fair). I was doubly mortified.

After another month or so, I plucked up my courage to invite him and his Mom over for a campfire. They actually came. Now, I really didn't know what to think of him! I didn't hate him like I did, and in fact, I liked him! Oh what? I can't date yet, I'm only 16! We had a marvelous time though! He ran off my sisters' energy, and was even a gentleman & offered me a seat! Okay...yeah, I liked him. A couple weeks passed, and finally, he summoned up his courage to tell me he liked me. I don't think I could breathe for like 5 minutes between shock and joy and shock; did I mention shock? A guy actually liked me?! ME?!

He came to a dance show a few weeks later, and afterwards joined us for ice cream. We wanted to get a picture of the two of us, but we were both pressed for time and scared so this was the best and only one we got. But we liked it none the less. He started coming over for dinner once a week or so. In a way, it was unofficial courting, and I like that it was. Soon the fall disappeared, and it was Christmas! John told me that he had a special present for me, but I wasn't sure what it could be....

...Needless to say, it was so beautiful, it knocked my socks off! I felt very silly that all I gave him was a Bible Commentary for Seminary the following year. It was a cold winter, but still quite lovely! John joined us in January for the Folksmarch. It was hovering around 0* F that day, but since they asked us to come take pictures and have my sisters & I perform Irish step, we went just the same. We did our dances, but by the end of my dance, I was so winded I could barely breathe!

The weeks that followed, I began getting quite tired. John kept coming over and encouraging me. It was the sweetest thing! Then, we started planning the big day-trip! We were going up the Saranac Lake Ice Festival! Heidi, John, and I would ride in his car, while my parents and sisters rode in the other! We had so much fun, as Heidi and I got to catch up, and although I had been very tired the week before, my spirit was bright and full of excitement!

We even got our second picture together!

And I loved watching him enjoy the fireworks!

All in all, despite a grumpy car, nearly getting stuck in a snowbank, and a miserable snow storm, we made it home safe and sound at 2 am the following morning. I was so exhausted I stayed home from Church. The next day I shoveled like a gazillion feet of snow...which made my asthma act up. Throughout the week it got steadily worse, and at the end of it, we went to prompt care. Twas then that began my journey with pneumonia.

John came over every few days to check up on me, and say hi. I slept a lot, and pretty much just did a day at a time. I wasn't getting any better, so we went back to the doctor's...that's when we discovered I had mono! I was about halfway through it, so now I just needed to wait it out. John continued to come over and help through it! My Aunt told me when she had mono that's when my Uncle won her heart, and the same was true with this. My 17th birthday was fast approaching!

We decided upon going out with Elijah, Heidi, John and I, with Mom on an evening out! We first would dine at Spaghetti Warehouse, dressed to the nines, and then we would go to the Palace Theatre to see "The Princess Bride."

Before he arrived he had gotten me two presents that were...unorthodox to say the least. First presented to me was a box of fresh mangoes six in all. I enjoy mangoes so this was a funny little treat I would enjoy long after. 

The next gift was even better! Since we couldn't date officially, he came up with a substitute for flowers. Kittens! A large bouquet of stuffed kittens! We decided since there were nine to name them after the planets. After he gave them to me, I sent the one we named Pluto back to college with him to remember me by. 

We went out and had a wonderful evening! Twas the best birthday to this day! (Although since today is my 18th, today has a good chance of being even better!)

The months passed, and I got over my mono, albeit I dealt with migraines. He came over quite often, once or twice a week. He would come with us to Grandma's at night, and help sweep, or join us for a movie (I had to educate him with the classics). I began to count down the days until we went camping! John would be able to join us for the last 3 days, which meant I'd get to see him for his birthday!!

He joined us late Thursday night, and the next day was his birthday! We first celebrated by climbing my favorite mountain!

We had a lot of fun, and yes, again, Heidi was with us. She came up a few days before to camp with us and was to leave the following day. We then went to see Buttermilk Falls in Long Lake. After dinner, we celebrated his birthday with a delicious chocolate cake!

We ended the night with a lovely campfire!

The next day we bid adieu to Heidi, and then had a quiet Saturday at the house. John read to the kids which was quite amusing.

 We headed home after Church the following day, and it was definitely one of the best birthday's ever! We began to count down the days till he went away to PA for Seminary. He would be going there for three years, and this was going to be his first year down there. We had a very tearful goodbye, but we were full of God's peace!

When he came back for fall break, we got a good picture of the two of us, to continue with our season picture. Christmas came and went, and this year I gave him a beautifully framed copies of some of his favorite passages. He in return gave me a necklace that says "I love you to the moon and back". (I must confess I guessed what it was...only I thought it was the word Pluto instead of moon). We had fun playing Scrabble and drinking tea and going for walks as it was a warm Christmas. 

We realized a few days before he left that we had failed to get a picture of us for our winter picture! So to make sure we got one I devised a plan to secretly join him while his parents took him down to college. Turns out I did a good job because as soon as I arrived at his house he was shocked! We were able to get the pictures and then we were off to bring him to college. T'was a great deal of fun! His Dad took the picture, so it now means a great deal to us as something sorrowful happened next.

Twas the third Monday in February when John received word to skip class and come talk to someone. He did, and found out that his father had passed away. It was a very hard time for us all. We grew closer, and I grew up over night. Every night, my Mom and I went over to spend time with his family. During the calling hours and funeral, I stood at his side.

Looking back, the year before with mono, and all those trials, prepared us for this time. God was very good to us all! After a week of being up here unexpectedly, John went back to college for a couple weeks until it was time to come up for spring break!

I went to his grandparents house that first Sunday he was back, and had a lovely time! Despite our first fight, we declared it was the best break ever!

About 10 days later, he came back for spring break.

We got together with Heidi and Elijah for a picnic!

Twas an amazing time full of laughter!

So now you see us? Wonder how we got together? Well, this is our story! Tis been hard, but God has blessed more than words can say! So, now as I am 18, we can officially date! Nearly 2 years of waiting has been just what we needed. I am so thankful for all the trials that has made us both grow in new ways! God is good!

So what does the future hold? We shall see! For now, we will close this chapter and open the next to see what adventures are in store!

The End!


  1. How adorable! I love your story, tis one of hope, strength, and joy.


  2. So cute Moriah!!! God is certainly working in your life!

  3. For the longest time, I thought John was your brother. Imagine my initial confusion at this post. *facepalm* XD

  4. As a guy, it's hard to admit this. But, for Moriah's (and John's) I will say it. This was beautiful, and what is more, it almost made me cry with joy. Only one note: It's not the end, Moriah, merely the beginning. An archaic expression, to be sure, but one of full of truth. Also, do I get to write the post after the wedding, telling my side of it, because I kind of pop up all the way through it.

    1. Sure!! You could do one sooner as well if you'd like! And thank you! <3 Means a lot, lil brother! :~)