Saturday, September 6, 2014

Science Saturday: Centipedes & Millipedes, Thistles and Goldenrod!

Someone is enjoying the goldenrod in our yard!

Some interesting things to know:

  • Usually Millipedes have have more legs than Centipedes. Centipedes have 1 pair of legs per body segment, while Millipedes have 2 pairs. Though some species of Centipedes have more than Millipedes.
  • While the names sound the same, they look totally different! Both of them have segmented bodies, but Centipedes tend to have a hairier appearance while Millipedes look more like worms, it's body is cylindrical.
  • Millipedes are vegetarians while Centipedes tend to enjoy bugs and things. (In the Amazon Rainforest, there is a 12in one that likes mice and things to eat! O.O Eeek!!!)
  • Most Thistles are a part of a 2 year cycle. The first year the seeds germinate and sprout. The second year they flower, produce the seeds to continue the cycle, and then die off.
  • If you try to get rid of the Thistle by chopping it up into many little pieces, each of those pieces will take root, and then you'll have more Thistles on your hands.
  • While most wildflowers are pretty to pick for bouquets, Thistles are not that way. They are covered in sharp spines all over the entire plant. If you try to pick it, your fingers will not be happy with the pain you will receive. ;~)
  • Goldenrods join us at the end of summer, so it can be disappointing to see them as it means summer is drawing to a close. I love to watch for them as their bright splashes of color are beautiful!
  • Goldenrods are popular with insects including, honeybees, bumblebees, several beetles, and flies!
  • Goldenrods are native to the U.S.! There are over 100 different kinds of species. They are often confused with Ragweed as they bloom at the same time, so Goldenrod gets the blame for causing allergies instead of the troublesome Ragweed!


  1. Nice photos of the goldenrod! Interesting to hear about the difference in the diets of millipedes and centipedes...not sure I want to meet the 12 inch one, but would make a good blog post!

    1. Thanks! :~D I took them the other day :~) I agree.....the 12inch one is too big for my taste! ;~)