Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tools for Prayer

I've used many things in my prayer life, to remember to pray, to grow stronger in prayer, and to remember the people I'm praying for.

My first prayer journal (above), I started in Sept. 2011 and used till Nov. 2012. I wrote down everything I was praying for that day, everyday (skipping days here and there). When that became tedious, I used it to ponder on Bible verses or in a few cases to release anger by scribbling and/or writing out prayers of "anguish." This is the most filled prayer journal.

I kinda liked writing out prayers, so Nov. 2012 - Dec. 2012, I wrote out my prayers. It worked, in a way, but honestly I kinda slacked off. The next dated thing in it was from Feb. 2013 in which I did verse by verse study of Philemon. (Exciting, right? lol) In Oct. 2013 I used it for Becoming a Young Woman of Faith. In April of 2014 I used it for 30 Days of Love. This has a lot of empty pages still.

My current prayer journal is a much more usable prayer journal. Since July 8th I've written down the names of people I'm praying for, and I've been fairly diligent in remembering to pray for them. I divided the pages with a straight line down the middle, putting the request/person on one side and putting "answered!" on the cases in which they have. Because of this method, I've only used up a couple pages so far.

I've also used a couple prayer devotional books. One I think was 100 ways to Pray or something like that. I've also memorized a prayer from the Bible. I should work on a few more. I memorized Ephesians 3:14-21 a couple years ago. It is a prayer for Spiritual Strength.

I hope one of these ideas may spark your interest and that you would be able to use one in a diligent manner, yet at the same time, I pray it will be from your heart to God.

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