Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Throwback Tuesday: Mother Ginger....continued!!

So last year, I posted Mother Ginger!! :~D 

As today marks exactly one year since I posted the post, I thought I'd share a couple pictures from this year's Mother Ginger! Same costume, but updated as now you can see how it works! 

Mother Ginger is a doll from the Nutcracker Ballet! She has little children hiding under her skirt...

It's a lot of fun to do this dance....except when they all get goofy and start tickling your legs!! *shudder*

Winslow photo-bomb!!! :~D

All in all, dancing our mini-Nutcracker has to be one of the highlights of our Christmas season! T-Tot is Clara, and the Russian doll; Lil' G is the Chinese doll and the Spanish doll; L-Jo is our Arabian doll; and I'm the Sugar Plum Fairy, the French doll, the Arabian doll, and Mother Ginger!!


  1. Looks like fun! The children are cute and your dress is very pretty!

    1. Thank you!! :~) Actually it's a collection of things! We have our civil war reenactment hoop skirt and skirt, my Mom's apron, and a prairie bonnet!! :~) Aren't they adorable? I love them :~)