Saturday, December 6, 2014


Whoa!! 20,000 views! Wow! I'm amazed! I really am! Ahh, I suppose it's time to reminisce on some of the past posts! What do you think? Heehee! ;~)

My Very First Post - A strange post on the myths of homeschooling!

My Most Popular Post - A Throwback Tuesday I did for Rachel Louise Carson!

My 2nd Most Popular Post - A post I did on why I wear skirts!

 My 3rd Most Popular Post - A post about my Hope Chest! I should do an updated one soon....

My 4th Most Popular Post - A post I did as a follow up on why I wear skirts, things I've learned while wearing skirts!

My 5th Most Popular Post - A guest post my friend Noah did while I was camping this past summer! Go read it! It's awesome!

Now for past celebration posts:

For all of you who have read my blog, I have to say:

We've had serious posts, strange posts, silly posts, sad post, sweet posts, super-awesomeness posts, and who knows what else!!

Thank you for stopping by my Home on the Erie Canal!!