Sunday, November 1, 2015

Beautiful Blessings - 10/31/15

~ Going for a couple fall walks!

(seesawing before we walked)

(having some assistance ;~)

(Skaneateles Creek)

(brick work on the Onondaga Creek Walk)

(looking upstream)

(looking further upstream)

(down a little path)
~ Having John come over for the day since he is on break!
~ Taking Mom, John, Heidi, and her brother out for dinner for Heidi's first birthday celebration!

(group shot! thanks Mom!)

(goofing off)
~ Going to visit Great Grandma at the nursing home, and getting the biggest grin from her! She was so excited to see me, she came over and hugged me tight <3 She also enjoyed seeing everyone else!
~ Ending the night with root beer floats! Mmm...with Stewart's Root Beer no less! Thats the absolute best!!!!