Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend Blessings - Beautiful Blessings - 1/11/16

~ Buying a new pair of cute boots! Thanks Dad for buying them and letting me pay you back!! <3
~ Perfectly pulling off a plan to surprise John by joining him on his trip back to college!

~ Going back to dance tonight!! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A YEAR!!! (the first photo was taken on our way to dance) AHHHH it was soooooooo nice!!!!
~ Achy sore muscles all over from dancing...strangely wonderful!
~ Being on at the right place at the right time to encourage my friends through God's might <3 Its pretty amazing to see...Im really thankful when I can return the favors they do for me <3 :~)

Bonus Blessing:

~ Gaining a new friend (only had her as one for 11 days) and already being able to call each other sister! <3

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