Monday, January 4, 2016

What I have been up to! And other Ramblings

I took a bit of an impromptu blogging break this month with life being so crazy! I was getting stressed out Saturday night so my friend Neona suggested that I journal to sort things out and destress myself. I then came up with the brilliant idea of using a journal T-Tot gave me to make myself a to-do list/day planner so I can mentally see everything I need to do.

It wasnt until I started working on this that I realized it wasnt Paris but Venice! And I have had it for a whole year lol

This is my verse for the year!

I split up everything into seasons!

I am also sprinkling in Bible verses just because! :~)

Its already been a huge help! And if you notice in the picture before this, blog is checked off....and you guys are the lucky ones to receive that checkmark!

The back of it has the note T-Tot left for me Christmas 2014, and the calendar for this year in case I need it! :~)

I shall resume Beautiful Blessings now that I have a journal to remind me about it. ;~) And someday Ill continue the hats...someday lol! We shall just wait and see!

Today's Beautiful Blessings:

~ A journal to keep myself sane!
~ Verses that mean a lot to me!
~ Seeing God's hand in many a thing recently!
~ And growing a bit stronger in my faith each day <3
~ Remembering the lovely Saturday I had this past weekend!

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