Wednesday, January 6, 2016

No more Scrabble? Beautiful Blessings - 1/5/16

I wrote a post called "No More Scrabble" when my Great Grandma passed away... needs an update!

~ Playing Scrabble with John
~ Laughing so hard my stomach hurts and I cant breathe...havent done that in a long time!
~ Noticing for the first time that there is a rose and a cup of tea on the box...and smiling because it was Great Grandma's Scrabble game :~)

~ Teasing John that if he looked at my letters while I made some tea that Ansel would do him in

~ Using the time I set aside with an alarm on the kindle to pray <3


  1. Looks like fun, and I'm glad it brings back pleasant memories! We don't play Scrabble hardly ever anymore, opting instead of for a variant called Take-Two Scrabble.

    1. I've never heard of Take-Two Scrabble! :~)