Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bittersweet Life

I just finished ballet stretching, when I decided to put up a blog post.

I checked my reading list of blogs, when there was a new post from Ann Voskamp. She is the author of "One Thousand Gifts".

At the end of her post, she placed this video.

I watched it, silently.

When I reached the end, I noticed we had an email from our Pastor.

Our old Pastor's wife has 5 kids and is dying of cancer.

"He and the children have been with her as much as they can, and have been able to talk and show love to her.  He is tired and exhausted, having just napped and eaten fast food for several days, and feels the children are resilient considering the circumstances.  She is on enough medication to help with pain, but not so much she is unable to acknowledge their presence when she is awake."

This is when I know without a doubt, that God is with us, Emmanuel

While she maybe dying, she has memories of her family to enjoy. 

And God is with them, and God is with us. 

This is GOD'S timing. 

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