Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WackyWednesday: Bundled for the cold

Un magazine de mode chat: pour des chats de style

(A Cat Fashion magazine: for styling cats :-D)

You can bundle your kitties against the cold using outfit A. A is a contemporary winter look.

A is a baby hat and a polar fleece scarf to keep the kitties toasty warm. You can also provide a wool blanket for the kitties' tummies to stay warm.

The next possibility for a warm fuzz ball is outfit B. B is a classic look.

B is a black beret so the little fuzzie ears will stay warm when they parade around down with the kute kats.

The last option is the one designed by our fur-ball fashion designer, outfit C.

C is a outfit that reflects the inner fur-ball.

Yup, he is a furry chicken, just in disguise...shhhhhhh....

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