Thursday, January 31, 2013

History of American Ballet Performances

History of American Ballet Performances
By Moriah Peters 

In America the first ballet performance was a group of 3 short ballets pieces. It was performed in Charleston, South Carolina in 1735. Henry Holt from England brought his group to America. Because of heavy Puritan influence they could not start a ballet company.

The first full length ballet performance was in 1791 in Charleston South Carolina. Alexander Placide and his wife presented it with John Durang dancing in it. John Durang was America's first professional dancer. He was also a favorite of George Washington.

The first full season was in 1792 in New York City, again presented by the Placide's. That year they also off branched to New Orleans presenting full ballets. Mme Placide became the prima ballerina of New Orleans Theatre. In New Orleans they performed ballets by Noverre (who was the creator of modern ballet) and Dauberval (who was famous for "La fille mal gard√©e"). 

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