Sunday, March 23, 2014

People of Jordan: Peggy and Mary Beth


(Mary Beth)

Mary Beth, Peggy, and their sister Nona (not pictured) run a business called A Few Good Bananas. They don't sell them here in Jordan, but this is where they make their creations. They re-purpose fabric and old clothes to make one-of-kind hats, ear warmers, mittens, fingerless gloves and accessories made from upcycled materials. Right now they are going to try making stylish dog jackets. 

They sell their creations in many places including Ithaca, and Rochester.

Some fabric awaiting special treatment. Also known as waiting to be turned into something awesome! ;~)

(I love the label!) They've had their business for almost 4 years now. It's family run so when ever family or friends are in the area, they stop in to help out.

They've met a lot of cool people at the various places they've sold their creations. As Peggy said, it's almost like having fun playing all day!