Friday, March 21, 2014

People of Jordan: Sam and Mary Ann


Sam and his wife, Maryanne have lived here for 2 years. They love living here in Jordan. They moved "south" from the Tug Hill Plateau and they've noticed a significant change in the weather. They love their neighbors as they were nicely welcomed into the neighborhood. Sam enjoys walking on the canal trail and the fact they can walk around town. They enjoy walking to the Post Office, Tops, and the Library in the warmer months. Mary Ann loves the library just as much as Sam does. In fact they wrote a letter to the Editor of the Post Standard to show their appreciation. They love the friendly people and the friendly kitty at the library. Sam and Maryanne are very glad to call, Jordan, home.


  1. ok, yes, snow would be a little less than the Tug Hill Plateau....and you do have a wonderful town with lovely sidewalks for an evening stroll.... :)