Saturday, November 1, 2014

Science Saturday: Woolly Bears

(Via Wikipedia)

So, I think, um, I might be a little off with my weeks and my planning/scheduling on this, so I'll fix it for next week.

A few factual slighty-sticky notes for your brain:
  •   A popular old wives' tale is that you can tell how cold/hard the winter will be by the size of the rust-brown band on the Woolly Bear Caterpillar. Actually, it tells us how old the Woolly Bear is! Younger Woolly Bears have more black than brown. As they mature the brown band widens.
  • Now if you see one as it's getting chilly, and the band is very small, it just means it's a younger caterpillar getting ready for winter. So it's not forecasting the weather, it's just responding to the cold weather at the time you see them.
  • They are such a popular caterpillar. Do you ever think about what they become afterwards? In the summer they become an Isabella Tiger Moth. Pretty much just another moth you'll see near a porch light. Not as exciting as a caterpillar, but still pretty neat.

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