Friday, August 19, 2016

Vacaaaaaaaaaaaation! Beautiful Blessings - 8/19/16

Vacaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaation! Squee!!! I can hardly wait! I'm soooooooo looking forward to it! Well, mostly. John leaves on Sunday for college for eons and eons (aka, the semester) and we leave for camping tomorrow. On the bright side, I'm excited to have a chance to wear clothes that AREN'T work clothes, yet when I packed, I couldn't remember how to! XD I'm an interesting conundrum ;) 

~ friends to talk to....and yell at....laugh with....cry to....and whatever emotional state I'm in
~ smiley face wars with said friends
~ packing up books to read, and activities to enjoy that I've been wanting to do!
~ happily enjoying the fact I've had my blog for 4 years, and haven't given up on it yet!
~ looking forward to seeing what adventures happen the next couple weeks....I can use some fun relaxing adventures! (if those two ideas go together lol!)

Now that I've rambled, I'm off to go pack some more....whoop-de-doo! lol!!!