Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Homeschoolers: The Reality - The 4th Blog-iversary of my Blog! {and 1000th post!}

Every year, on my blog, I write a post on homeschoolers/homeschooling to celebrate the momentous occasion! The first post on my blog, discussed the 4 Myths of Homeschooling! The following year, to celebrate my first blog-iversary, I wrote a post about 100 Things Homeschoolers Love! The next year, for my second blog-iversary, I made a video called The Homeschooler's "Rap"! Last year, for my third blog-iversary, I wrote a post discussing 10 Series Homeschoolers Read

This year, I've collaborated with John, his sister, and my sisters to create a special movie for you!

Without further ado. I present Homeschoolers: The Reality!

After you've enjoyed it, be sure to check out the Bloopers!

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