Monday, January 12, 2015

Venerable Vintage Hats: A Jaunty Plume!

I've never had a hat like this before! It's such a daring jaunty hat! The white band makes it quite striking. I must admit though, it reminds me the milliner, Irene Molloy, in the movie "Hello Dolly".

Irene Molloy: What's this? A return from Miss Mortimer again?
Minnie Fay: Same old story, cherries and feathers, cherries and feathers. To catch a beau I suppose.
Irene Molloy: If you ask me, she'd do better with a heavy veil.



  1. That is a neat hat! At the thrift store I frequent there's a row of vintage hats on the wall for $5 a piece.

    1. Ah! That seems to be a common price for them!! :~) It's so much fun just to window shop and look at them, don't you agree?

    2. Yes. A lot that I have seen aren't very practical by today's standards, but they are still a beautiful reminder of another time.