Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Venerable Vintage Hats: Spring!

Every time I look at this hat, I'm instantly transported into spring. The air is filled with the aroma of flowers abloom! The lilacs fill the trees; my apple tree is in bloom. A gentle warm breeze is blowing softly through the garden. My skirt flutters softly with the wind as I twirl in the evening light. Birds call to one another with their delightful twittering and chirping. My kitty wanders around the garden as I dance and sing with joy. And maybe, just maybe, the moon peeps out above the trees as the sun slowly sets. In the warm twilight, I look back at my hat, and remember it's still winter! lol Brrr...it's frigid outside!! :~D


  1. by any chance did you go with the Gosselins from Kateplus8. Are you friends with the twins.

  2. Beautiful description...sounds like a lovely evening!