Monday, March 13, 2017

March Musings - Day 13

The countdown is on! Only a couple more days until we dance! We had our rehearsal tonight for our shows, and a first happened to me. Now tradition states that I dance out of one of my ghillies at least once during St Patrick's Day performances. Not sure how, but it always manages to happen. Today during rehearsal, I one-upped myself! I managed to dance hard enough that my shoe laces became untied....

...then I proceeded to step on my shoelace and snap it completely! (You can see the knot I tied in the upper left corner!) I didn't know what had happened other than hearing a snap sound, so I kicked off my shoe and discovered at the end of the dance my lace had snapped. I'd say that's one for my books! ;~) Toes are tappin', wigs are curlin', girlies are dancin', and St Patrick's Day is almost here!!!

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