Saturday, March 4, 2017

March Musings - Day 4

Brrrr...a couple days ago it was 60???

What's up with this?'s Central New York. The land of 70 degree weather in the morning, and 20 degree weather at night. Where snow storms appear in the middle of summer, and summer appears in the middle of snow storms. I've been wearing my snowflake leggings for warmth, and everyone is blaming the snowflake pattern that I chose to wear, on the weather. Oh well, I suppose it could be worse, right? It's good weather for hot drinks though. We had a lot of orders for lattes and mocha lattes tonight with this bitter cold. Despite it, I wouldn't trade places for anything. I love living in a place where my glasses freeze to my face (as to quote the Mitford series).

So do I enjoy the cold? To a degree, yes.
Would I trade the cold? If it's a sickness, yes I'd rather trade it for chocolate; but if it's the temperature, use it to make iced coffee and I'll be content.
Will I keep wearing my snowflake leggings? Yes, even in the dead of summer to drive everyone nuts...and maybe get some snow to make snow-cones out of the deal. After all, they are the cause of course! ;~)

Adios! I'm off to go fall asleep under 9 blankets, and dream of the Arctic Tundra!

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