Monday, March 27, 2017

March Musings - Day 25

The more I think about Saturday the more I think of how important and awesome friends are. I truly am so blessed to have such amazing friends to surround myself with. Especially my fiance, She is such an encouragement to me whenever I need it. Today me and a few of my guy friends got together with my fiance Moriah and had just an awesome time. From just chatting to playing games we enjoyed each others company and man was it refreshing!

You know during times that I get a bunch of people together it reminds me how important friends are in life. True you could try to get through life alone but it is so much easier when you have others to help you and keep you going.

Also as i think more about it having a close group of friends around you is a great way to get stuff out. I know how obnoxious it is to hold in thoughts and emotions and having some close friends around to vent or talk to is such an incredible feeling. Especially if you have someone as close as a girlfriend or boyfriend then it seems almost sweeter in a way.

By, John Schairer

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