Friday, March 3, 2017

March Musings - Day 2

Today was a long day...9 hour shift. I almost was able to go see a show tonight, but it didn't work out, so John and I had an adventure. He knows how to romance me, and I think it's rather sweet. I asked him to think of something to do tonight instead of the show, and he came up with the following:

- sour cream donut
- bookstore
- Batman or Star Trek when we got back home

We altered it slightly when my friend K texted and said he was gonna come to Bailiwick, so we stuck around and got hot fudge sundaes (instead of a donut!)...they were a disaster as they melted all over but oh so good! Then after chatting until past close, because my coworkers are awesome, John and I hopped on the highway to go to the bookstore! He said he'd get me a book of my choice. I was hoping for a leather bound pocket set of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, but unfortunately they didn't have it at this Barnes and Noble!! So we settled for a Star Trek book I've been drooling over...50 of the original episodes, adapted from the script into short stories! Then we headed back to my house for 2 episodes of the original Batman series from the late 60s. All in all, a good day!

(I also had fun doing shopping of my own....peppermint soap, tea cups for tea parties, a journal for a birthday present for someone, and chocolate for Mommy! The shirt was a gift from my cafe's owner! I think it's totally my cats and even looks like them too!

All in all, with the snow this morning and this evening, and my adventures today, it's been a great one....

Hope you enjoyed my journal-style muse of my day!

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