Monday, March 6, 2017

March Musings - Day 6

11 days until St Patrick's day!!!! But since we are dancing on the 16th due to school conflicts, we have 10 more days!!! It's crazy!

So to get you all in the mood, and so you guys can join me in it, here are some videos John and I enjoyed last night! If you're not tapping your toes and dancing inside, watch them again or watch some more!!!

Siamsa is one of my favorites! We do our "Walls of Limerick" to it and it's a blast!

"Trading Taps" is a clever dance from "Riverdance"! It's a story of tap dancers vs. Irish steppers!

This I never saw before until yesterday! It's called "Reel Around the Sun" from "Riverdance on Ice"!

Enjoy!!! I hope you have fun tappin' your toes! :~D

(email readers will have to go to the blog to view the videos)

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