Thursday, March 30, 2017

March Musings - Day 30

Food is important. Like really important. I usually do a pretty good job at eating 3 balanced meals a day with a snack here or there. This evening though, I was nauseous. I ate a good breakfast and lunch like always, but a lack of dinner (even though it wasn't even late yet....this was at 5:30-6 oclock!) make me feel terrible! (Thankfully I have a super sweet fiance who I am slowly getting addicted to Panera ;) hehehe!)

It got me thinking about my new Bible. I have a great one for reference, but for reading and learning, I needed a new one. If I go without reading, I get spiritually nauseous and can't think straight. Yet if I read God's word, and rely on it for getting though the day, I will feel much better! I'm thankful for my new Bible, and am quite excited to use it!!

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